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Attraction Links

Walt Disney World
It's still king of the hill: or rather, of the very, very flat land. Spread over an area the size of Boston are four of the world’s best theme parks.

These are Magic Kingdom (the best one for your younger children), Epcot, Hollywood Studios (aka Disney MGM), and Animal Kingdom. Additionally there are two Disney water parks at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach that are both “awesome” (as they say in America).


Discovery Cove
Definitely one not to miss.  Attendance is limited to 1,000 each day so you are assured the perfect day and breathtaking experience.   Here in land-locked Orlando, Discovery Cove is a deluxe simulation of a Caribbean isle. You can snorkel at the Coral Reef, and see not only colourful fish but (harmless) stingrays. The ‘lazy river’ is beautiful with stops where you can meander through the aviary. The white sand beaches are perfect to catch a few ‘rays’!  Of course, the highlight for many is a Swim With Dolphins. It might seem a little pricey at first but all your drinks and meals are included and you’ll come away feeling you got every penny’s worth.

Orlando's other multi-park destination is Universal Florida and adjacent Islands of Adventure theme parks. These parks are great for the kids, mums and dads, grandparents, and the teens and 'tweens who want to scream on the coasters and 3D simulator rides at IOA. The Men in Black, ET, and Back to the Future are fantastic an Universal Florida.

Horse World Stables
A good horse beneath you. A blue sky above. And 750 acres to explore with good folks who like you. No stress! No phones! No traffic! No exhaust fumes! Just the creaking of saddle leather and the smell of clean fresh air. That's the beauty of a visit to Horse World Stables, just south of Orlando in the Walt Disney World Resort area. Time you can spend entirely on a horse or just sitting under a big oak tree and listening to the sounds of a working ranch.


Orange Blossom Balloons
The program begins at 6am with a pre-flight briefing after which you head off to one of the 25 launch sites (depending on the wind direction). All passengers are invited to join in the inflation process as your balloon comes to life. You will then fly for one hour and your pilot will point out all the spectacular sights.

Disney Official Location Once you have your booking reference, email us to get your discount voucher code and click here to order your attraction tickets with a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.

Sea World
Like its sister park Busch Gardens, Sea World combines fun rides with animal viewing. 


The Atlantis white-water raft ride has a huge splash finish, and the Kraken is "the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando".  SeaWorld is most famous for its fabulous Shamu killer whale show.  The seal show is so funny you’ll have tears rolling down your cheeks.  The kids will enjoy feeding seals, petting dolphins, and walking through a clear plastic tunnel with sharks around and overhead. Shark aficionados can even take a dip in a (well-protected) cage in the giant shark tank. If you have time you’ll even find it educational.

Downtown Disney
If it’s even possible for you to stand anymore fun when evening comes then Downtown Disney is a free shopping/ entertainment zone spread over 120 acres in Disney World.  You can eat at the Rainforest Cafe, stroll past full-size lego figures outside the Lego Imagination store, buy chocolate at Ghiradelli's (free samples!), or head to DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, or to the acclaimed Cirque de Soleil show


Boggy Creek Airboat Rides
You will quickly discover why everyone wants to experience our 1/2 hour guided tour. Our adventure into the wetlands of Central Florida offers you a sensational close-up view of towering Cypress trees, natural wetlands and wildlife. On each ride you'll have the opportunity to experience soaring eagles, osprey, snakes, turtles and Florida alligators.

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