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Villa Fun

When you’re not out enjoying the area’s various theme parks and many other attractions, and when you fancy a break from playing water polo in the pool, you’ll love making the most of the other active leisure pursuits on offer at the villa and on Highlands Reserve.

OUTDOORS:  You could stroll or ride the bikes up to the central community area where you will discover the children’s playground and tennis court.  Don’t forget the strawberries, phnar, phnar!

Children's Play Area
Community Tennis Courts


Bikes? Oh yes. The bikes!  Four of them actually.  Totally free and completely at your disposal. Cycling is simply the perfect way to explore as you work those quads and abs.



INDOORS:  Now you’ve conquered Le Tour de Highlands Reserve the next challenge must surely be to throw down the gauntlet to one of your fellow holiday makers.  How about a ‘quadathlon’ starting with the fastest time to shoot 10 hoops in the indoor basketball, followed by the first to 10 goals in the Air Hockey massacre, then a ‘best-out-of-three’ grudge match of 8-ball pool, and finishing up with a lip-biting winner-takes-all Foosball Cup Final!

For a change of pace you can indulge your grey matter in an intellectual game of pirate chess.  But, be warned.  “Hang on t’yer pieces of eight”.

Where do Pirates go on vacation?   Why,  “Orrrrrrrr-lando” of course!

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